Fundación Marcet, since its origins in 1978 in Barcelona (Spain), has been constantly devoted to the research and development of an innovative educational method to teach intelligent football around the world: Marcet Programme.

Our school has become international and it is currently present in 28 countries thanks to this excellent learning method. Agreements with Governments, sports federations, and public and private institutions have made possible that in the last few years over 1,000,000 young players and 3,000 coaches and teachers have trained and qualified with Marcet Programme in the five continents.

The objective of J. Marcet -former Real Madrid, F.C. Barcelona and R.C.D. Espanyol player, International player with the Spanish national team and graduate in Law and Economics- has always been to transmit to young people from around the world that it is perfectly possible to combine high-competition football with academic excellence.


That is why Plan Marcet manages to train successfully players who are FREE and INTELLIGENT, with VALUES, A SOUND ACADEMIC BACKGROUND and FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY.

  • FREE, because they master technical and tactical skills, both individually and as a team.
  • INTELLIGENT, because they can make the most appropriate decisions quickly at any given moment in the match.
  • With HUMAN VALUES, because they are essential to succeed in sport and in any job after football.
  • With A SOUND ACADEMIC BACKGROUND, because there must be a perfect compatibility between football and studies.
  • With FUTURE EMPLOYABILITY, because the talents that the best clubs in Europe demand are the same ones requested by the working world outside football.

In order to achieve these objectives, Fundación Marcet has been organizing courses, training modules, clinics, campus and other educational proposals for over 30 years. The results speak for themselves: over 20 students from our football school join the discipline of the most important professional football clubs in Europe every year.


The secret behind the success and extraordinary effectiveness of the Marcet method is the constant training and qualification of teachers and coaches who are expert in the practical implementation of this exceptional training instrument.

At Fundación Marcet we make the most of the magnetism that the excellence of our method causes in children and young people to turn it into an effective and powerful tool. We use it to transmit customs and human values which motivate our students in the effort and persistence, with the objective to combine academic training with high performance football.